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Tao Travel - Journeys that Enlighten the Soul. Join Terry Hodgkinson for two amazing international retreats.

Nov. 6 - Nov. 18, 2017

Mastering the Tao Nature Within

Retreat to Taoist Wudang Mountains in China 

The retreat of a lifetime with Terry Hodgkinson Sifu and our Chinese Kung Fu Masters.We will practice meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi and see some amazing natural scenery as well as meet some incredible people on the mountain. To top it all off we will visit the Forbidden City and walk on the Great Wall of China. For more information about this trip click: Mastering the Tao Nature Within 


Nov. 20 - Dec. 02, 2017

Awaken your Inner Guru

Retreat to the Foothills of the Majestic Himalaya Mountains in Rishikesh, India 

Have you have always wanted to go to India but never found the time or right group trip? You're in luck! Terry and associates will lead you into some of the most amazing spiritual places in India where you will be guided in meditation, yoga and incredible sight seeing opportunties, too many to list here. I will leave you with one however. The magestic structure of love, The Taj Mahal. For more information about this trip click: Awaken your Inner Guru