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Corporate & Professional  

  When I met Terry in the mid 90’s, I knew there was something special about him. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had met superb martial artists before and encountered dozens of talented therapists, but with Terry there was something more. As we became close business associates and friends, I realized what it was; Terry is authentic. In the world of self-help, there seems to be a new guru or an acclaimed breakthrough every week, but most of these fall short in substance and method. In Terry I found the real deal. He had walked the walk. Terry did his time to earn his illumination. He was not seeking fame. Rather, he was seeking what every one of us is seeking—even if we don’t know it—enlightenment. In recent years, Terry and I spent a lot of time traveling together. Every night he would share story after story and each conversation would end with the same statement from me: “Terry you have to write a book and share these stories with the world.”

Terry isn’t the typical martial arts master. He stands well over six feet tall. And if you are ever blessed to attend one of Terry’s seminars, you will feel the confidence that flows from that silent place of power. During my tenure running the world’s largest self-improvement franchise, I would hire Terry three to four times a year to share his experiences with my therapists and owners. I was always pleased with the feedback I received on how Terry could take complex concepts and simplify them into usable pieces of information.

When Terry started writing his book, I felt honored that he chose me to review each chapter as it was completed. Having earned a black belt in Taekwondo, I am no stranger to the martial arts. Although I loved my teachers, and they taught me amazing physical and mental skills, what I have read in “Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja” has illuminated my understanding of the deeper concepts of the martial arts.

Although many of Terry’s experiences deal in the realm of martial arts, he has put together a philosophical guide that can be appreciated by neophytes and masters alike.

In Light & Love,
Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.
President of
Porter Vision
Author of the award-winning bestseller book “Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century”.


Terry Hodgkinson's motivational inspiration comes from abundant experience in overcoming the odds. His exceptional insights on creating a meaningful life are communicated clearly with love and honesty. Terry’s message is both moving and encouraging. Our time together speaking on stage is priceless.

Thanks, Terry, you are the best!

Anthony Simms
NBA player (New York Knicks), and former Captain of the Canadian Olympic Basketball Team.


 Terry Hodgkinson is more than a dear friend to me. He is my spiritual brother, my mentor and my inspiration. Very rarely do you meet real true human beings who are dedicated to making life on earth a better place for everyone. I have known Terry for over fifteen years and my three children studied martial arts with him and developed many, many skills.

I have been in the television industry twenty years, producing special events and conventions, and Terry has inspired hundreds and hundreds of people. I am proud to know him and recommend his services

Khadija Kathy Ali
Television Producer


 Here is my testimonial, from the heart:

 I can't say enough about Terry.  He's a model for the modern Man with his courage, humility, strength and sensitivity.  I especially appreciate the fact that he comes across as very real, and shows a genuine compassion for you and those around you.  I hope Terry remains in my life and continues to share to the world his wisdom and love.  The world can only benefit from his grace; as I have in the short time I've known him.  Thank You Terry!


Steve Flemming, Founder of The Soul City Social Club (Toronto)


I highly recommend Terry Hodgkinson, Positive Changes for any speaking needs for groups or keynote presentations. Terry delivered an informative talk on Training your Brain for Change; Your Brain’s Neuroplasticity. The tips on how to change were very helpful and started a great discussion; while the introduction of the MindFit Self-Mastery Technology tools that he uses to help clients was interesting.

Cheryl Rankin

Fit For Business, member of the speaking committee for Association of Independent Consultants


 The presentation you delivered to the life insurance Managers Association of Canada-
Hamilton Chapter was awesome! I received positive feedback regarding your presentation and many managers are looking to reserve you  for their agency kick off meetings.

Greg Osmak

 On behalf of the staff and members at lady Fitness and Beauty Spa, we would like to thank you for the time you spend at our club. Your seminar has taught us to be aware that we are all vulnerable and that we must take the time to prepare ourselves in case we are put in a situation that could be life threatening. We find your seminars are always informative and enlightening. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Cathie Pasqualino
Co-owner of Lady Fitness and Beauty Spa

 On behalf of the staff at Lady Fitness and Beauty Spa, we want to take this opportunity to thank you.

Your Self-esteem and Personal Power seminar was not only enlightening but motivating
and encouraging. Although we enjoyed the entire afternoon we all agreed that the best part was the board breaking. In addition to this, the seminar will enable us to become in touch with our own individual weaknesses and helped us to find the means to improve. We have all benefited from the experience not only in our professional careers but in our own personal lives as well.

We highly recommend your seminars and would like to thank you again.

Julie Strati
Co-owner of Lady Fitness and Beauty Spa



To whom it may concern,

I attended Terry Hodgkinson’s Meditation Intensive day just recently and I loved it!
I found it necessary to learn to meditate properly because I have found that in these very stressful and busy times, I needed to attain the proper tools in order to keep my personal and business life balanced.

Mr. Hodgkinson gave the class the basics of what meditation is and how we could incorporate it in our own lives so that we could achieve peace and keep our balance while dealing with the stresses of everyday life. Throughout the day, we were thought many different types of meditation, which was great because I got to choose which one works best for me.
He taught us how to meditate in a very simple way and because of that I came home feeling clear about meditation and excited about having new tools for my life.

I feel that this class would be perfect for everyone, whether you are an employee at a business or if you want to learn it for yourself. I really feel it would be excellent to teach our youth so that when troubled times come their way, they will have healthy life skills to deal with them.
Mr. Hodgkinson, thanks so much for such an informative, fun filled day. I would recommend your “Meditation Intensive Day” to everyone!
With Gratitude,

Theresa L. Hawco, director
The Touch 10 www.thetouch10.com 905-275-2323

On behalf of everyone who attended our “Rising Star Conference” I would like to thank you Terry Hodgkinson for a most enjoyable and informative morning.

Specifically, our objective was to look at ways on how to keep focus, maintain the motivation to attain our personal goals. As financial planners we too must not get side tracked. Feedback from everyone was excellent! Your talk was most definitely one of the highlights of the week and certainly encouraging to everyone!

As I mentioned we often have meetings throughout the year where we must deliver an important message. I won’t hesitate to call on you again to capitalize on the uniqueness of your services

Stephen P. Arcand CLU,CH.F.C

 Thank you very much for your presentation at our Agency Kickoff Meeting

I’ve had many of my associates say it was the best agency meeting they have ever been apart of, and if the first quarter is any indication of what we’ll achieve in 1997…then it
Will be the best year ever!

Thanks again for helping us “CREATE THE VISION!”

Greg osmak
Agency manager


On behalf of the Medtronic of Canada Forum Committee, I would like to thank you for coming to our workplace and provide a very interesting workshop on assault prevention. and self defense. Every one of us left the workshop with an extra touch of self-confidence especially after breaking those pine boards with the palm of our hands!

Thank you for your contribution to our employee education Forum. We hope to see you again in the near future, Terry.

Lynda Girard
Forum Committee

I greatly appreciate the honesty Terry brought as a featured guest on "Bullying - Battered & Bruised". His raw telling of his relationship with his father, to becoming a bully himself, and his transition to helping others left me deeply humbled. Terry's challenge to the audience to find their inner voice supported the show's central vision. I look forward to working with Terry again.

Jason Merai - Gender Based Violence Prevention Project Coordinator at Urban Alliance on Race Relations


 Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your talk. You are a survivor and people can learn excellent life lessons from your talk. Your approach is new and exciting and can make people believers in themselves and their powers.

Dennis F. Caponi

On behalf of the staff and the volunteers, I would like to thank you for the excellent course that you conducted for Distress Centre Peel’s speakers’ bureau. Your enthusiasm and energy was well-balanced with insight into the learning process and with concrete information. Congratulations on creating an environment where everyone was free to learn, not only about making presentations but about their own strengths. The ninety-five percent attendance on the beautiful autumn Saturday is the strongest tribute for any course leader!

Thanks again Terry for a terrific course and for your support of distress centre movement

Linda Dick,
Training coordinator,
Distress centre peel


Terry came to a high school where I taught, to speak to three classes that were comprised of both model students and dangerously at-risk teens. These students came from some of the most affluent families, and others from some of the most destitute. Terry spoke to them about choices in life, about consequences of choices, and about right and wrong. He imparted a sage's wisdom in basic, yet comprehensive terms, leaving no mind untouched. While not everyone present heeded Terry's message, there were a select few that took his meaning to heart, and I can happily say that their paths changed for the better because of Terry's authentic, honest message.

Matthew Walker – Teacher at Keswick High School


Dear Mr. Hodgkinson:

On behalf of the staff and residents of Westside Long Term Care Facility, we wanted to express our appreciation to you for being a speaker at the seminar on Stress Management.  It was extremely informative, and the attendance and participation illustrated the importance of this topic to the work we do as health care providers.

We appreciate you personally taking time to provide us with the information on how to manage stress.  The positive responses to the seminar are a reflection of the great work you do in your company.

Once again, thank you for making the stress management seminar successful, and we appreciate your continued support.

I have attached the testimonials of the attendees, please see below.


Sabrena Chunu
Revera Programs Manager

There were 75 staff members that attended the Stress Management Seminar presented by Mr. Terry Hodgkinson and below you will find some feedback from our group on this day:

"I found the information presented at the seminar increased my knowledge a great deal." (How to deal with stress, how stress affects your health)

"The information presented stimulated my thinking a great deal."

"I really enjoyed Terry’s presentation.  Terry is a great speaker"

“Great in-service”

“Very organized. Good explanations and interesting examples used in discussions”

“Speaker was very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent session. Well-presented.”

“Very knowledgeable, energetic and interesting. “

“Speaker knew material well and had practical experiences”

“Good speaker and active attendees...”

“Speaker did a very good job and had a wealth of knowledge about the subject.”

“Very well presented, in clear language”

“We would like to have more sessions”

“Seminar was both interesting and informative. Good use of examples to illustrate key points”

“Please invite speaker again”


As the Assistant Manager of Club Meadowvale (a successful fitness club),I understand the energy, dedication and the amount of programming that is required to run a business successfully.

The service that Terry Hodgkinson provides is consistently exceptional and numerous
occasions he has gone above and beyond what is required in order to please a client.
From the different seminars that he provides, to the retreat weekends, Terry’s organizational skills and true love for this martial art are forever present.

Tammy Enns
Assistant Manager








Over the past eight months, I have had the pleasure of being instructed by Terry Hodgkinson. Throughout this period I have witnessed him in a variety of different roles.

As president of Squash Ontario, and as a squash instructor, I am well aware of the numerous factors involved in running a successful program. The factors involved are similar in squash to what they are in Beyond Kung Fu. These include program structure, intensity, group & individual teaching testing methods, instructor training and a genuine interest in the martial art.

Terry’s program encompasses all of these components, and his dedication and passion   for this sport makes him an exceptional leader. He sets a high standard for others to follow. I believe that with the knowledge Terry Hodgkinson has learned from his martial arts instruction and business he is capable of succeeding in anything he puts mind to.

Peter Ward
President of Squash Ontario


Coaching & Training  


"Mr. Hodgkinson, I do not know if you remember me, I am Juan Delgado, I received my Black Sash at your school, Beyond Kung Fu Studios Meadowvale, in the year 2002. I do not think I ever got the chance to thank you for that wonderful experience at your school which has helped me thus far, especially in focusing on becoming the best I can be.

After that year, I moved to Ottawa, where I finished high school and graduated with High Honours in Architecture at Carleton University in 2010, as well as becoming a top tennis player in Ontario and Canada. At a young age, I also worked extensively in art, and I have been living back home in San José, Costa Rica where I am now dedicating my time to my artistic career. I invite you to see some of my recent paintings on facebook, as well as I am currently ranked one of the top tennis players in my country.

I greatly congratulate you on everything you have done, the books, the traveling and great knowledge you have obtained, you have always been a great mentor and leader for me when I started Kung Fu and I will always appreciate that. (I still have that one photo of us when I broke my first wood board - picture below)

I am sure you are still dedicating your time to Martial Arts, and if you would like to add me as a friend on facebook to stay in contact that would be great.

Many thanks for your time," - Juan Delgado, Costa Rica





Terry said it best; “You get into martial arts training for one reason, and you stay for another.”

I should know, Terry Hodgkinson and I lived at the instructor’s apartment over 30 years ago, and were trained and taught under the same fist art (combatives) and philosophy masters. Long gone are those days when that tall, gangly kid was struggling to get that technique right. Challenged by his developing adolescent body, he kept at those techniques with an unparalleled tenacity. At other times you could see him practicing his seated meditation, day in and day out at his favourite place at the studio. What was most impressive about Terry (at that age) was the way in which he taught and conducted his classes with command and full presence. Terry had that intangible quality destined towards excellence.
Historically, the ancient martial artists, ninjas, samurai and Shaolin monks, traditionally were also renowned for their diverse talents. Many were sought out for their expertise in the healing sciences of their day. Terry has kept on with this tradition, forged and developed his career from managing and operating a successful chain of martial arts studios right up to the Positive Changes hypnotherapy and coaching clinic he owns and has operated for 14 years now. His attention to detail and quality instruction reveals his mastery.
With Terry, you're getting the real deal. For the past few years I experienced several life challenges that needed attention and insight. Terry has been instrumental in helping me tap into inner resources and assist me at realizing things in greater depth, at times from a different perspective. I am benefiting greatly from his coaching sessions and looking forward to the next level of training in meditation and the internal martial arts.
Whether it’s a seminar or a speaking engagement, personal coaching in business, martial arts, meditation or life in general, Terry has successfully merged ancient wisdom with today’s self help sciences and technology. Be sure to read his book "Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja" if you’re considering training martial arts, or listen to his guided meditation audio sessions. I highly recommend these for anyone who is on the path of personal growth and development. 
Ed Morte 
Former instructor 
Energy Lake Studios



Proud to say Terry Hodgkinson is one of my personal confidants and mentors. As "The Confidential Coach" myself, running a company that certifies "coachable" Life Coaches, it is of the utmost importance for me personally to have Terry as a coach. Terry knows that I'm a "type A" personality, always on the go and in control, so If Terry can handle ME, Terry can handle anyone!

When I first met Terry in the fall of 2009 I was coming out of a really bad, abusive relationship. Just the connection with Terry as a friend at first, before we had developed a mentor/coaching relationship, impacted me. Found the wise insights he possessed and shared with me were able to help guide me along my journey in a powerful way.
Want to take a moment to thank Terry for this. Just having Terry there to help me see things from a different perspective, seeing how a cycle in my OWN life was repeating, like I do for others on a daily basis, was a catalyst of coming out of that perpetuating negativity! Talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Terry has a health centre in Toronto, Canada where he sees clients but he also has clients from all over the world that he coaches from the phone and I am one of them. He is also well traveled and cultured, which I appreciate. Because of Terry's long time coaching practice as well as being a hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and martial arts guru, he is a unique person indeed. I have been receiving coaching and hypnotherapy from Terry for a while now, every week. In my time with Terry, I have come to know him as an intensely intelligent and self aware individual. Always thought I had this great perception being a coach and a leader but Terry helps me to even see further, which I honestly thought impossible. Working with Terry just reiterates HOW important and valuable having a personal coach is!  I've talked about everything from physical fitness, relationships, business, sex and past pains with Terry, KNOWING it's safe! When I bring these things to Terry in our sessions, I know I always leave as a better coach myself, a better tool for my own clients. Since I started working with Terry, my intuitive capability has been better tuned when working with clients and team members in my business.

I'll bring something to Terry to discuss that's on my mind and Terry is able to give me a different way of looking at my experiences, concerns and decisions, I find each session with him very enlightening.

When I first started sessions with Terry, I didn't realize how much stress I was under nor how my body was holding onto it. Having gone through some turmoil and keeping up with a productive, successful, busy lifestyle, there was a lot of tension I accumulated. Doing hypnotherapy with Terry after one or two sessions, I totally began to feel a difference in the tension I was carrying in my neck, back, shoulders and muscles. Even though our sessions were not that long (around 30 minutes each week), each time it would seem like I had just taken a four hour nap. The benefits I have received from Terry's hypnotherapy sessions for myself are balance, deep rest, more harmony, greater focus and clarity. I'm an extremely creative person but I've found my creative ideas have become even savvier! I would highly recommend Terry; he's an amazing individual who is very humble and such a pleasure to work with.

 ~ZoeLena Shuster Shires, President and Founder of Katapult Enterprises 
Nashville, U.S.A. 

Terry's candid, straightforward insights into the areas of my life that present the biggest challenges have been the biggest factor in my path towards personal progress. No pat answers, clichés or fluff-just concise, articulate and meaningful insights that I can recall when challenging situations arise. Having been previously diagnosed with both depression and anxiety disorders, summarily prescribed every type of 'medication' you can imagine, Terry encouraging me to discover 'new' solutions, based on ancient practices for developing a successful management strategy. I now have internal resources to draw on, and it has made all the difference. By combining the best science and technology available with techniques rooted in ancient wisdom, I am enjoying the benefits of lasting change, without the need for drug 'Therapy”. His audio-visual tools, which I still use regularly, and his excellent book, Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja, have become the primary tools that have enabled me to re-think my own limitations and face my challenges with the confidence that I can choose my outcome.
Thanks T, You are a life-changer!

Owen Durkin
International Musician & Music Educator -
Ivory Coast, Africa


 I met Terry Hodgkinson when he came to my fitness club in 1997 to do a workshop on self-defence. I enjoyed the workshop, and was impressed with Terry’s personality. At the time, I was a volunteer with a woman’s shelter and approached Terry to do a similar workshop and raise funds for the shelter. We worked together in organizing a fundraiser, which was done at his martial arts studio. I was so impressed by his teaching, his confidence, and motivational style that I decided to take martial arts training with him. Later on, he started his Positive Changes centre.

 In 2001, I found a lump, went for a biopsy and had to wait 5 days for the results. I contacted Terry and asked what I could do to stay positive while waiting for the results. He designed a positive thinking tape for me - healthy mind and body. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and used his tapes to keep me on the positive thinking track. I would listen to the tape while undergoing chemo treatments and remember one time where Terry’s words of positive thoughts “filtering” into my body and “washing” away negativity, was in sync with the chemo treatment coming through my arm – it certainly gave me an added tingling (chemo in, cancer out). That night I experienced a third eye “vision” which could have meant I was in tune with my body.

 Whether it was throughout my martial arts training, or the positive changes sessions, I found Terry to be a great mentor, an awesome motivational speaker, and simply a most caring individual.

 -Carmelle Riendeau

I trained martial arts at Energy Lake Studios over 20 years ago where Terry was my favorite instructor by far. Even then, it was evident that Terry was as passionate about teaching and getting positive results with his students as he was about being a martial artist. He always seemed to connect better with me than some of the other instructors because of this.

Unfortunately, martial arts took a backseat for me over the past two decades as I focused on pursuing other personal life goals (i.e. university degree, career, and raising a family). However, during this time I always felt something was missing and realized that it was my love for martial arts.

Recently, I have begun to train martial arts under Terry again which has had an immediate impact by allowing me to self-actualize in my personal and professional life. I feel energized and youthful again for the first time in a long time. Much of this can be attributed to Terry’s positive approach and ability to break topics down and teach principles in their simplest form. This is a testament to his skill and longevity as a teacher, trainer, and personal coach.

Mike Milev
Director of Marketing at Cooper Industries


I have been studying self-actualization philosophy for over 30 years and after reading Terry's book I was amazed at how extensive his expertise and experience of this field is. All the best of the best of the ageless knowledge and methods for enlightenment, personal growth, empowerment, spirituality and motivational psychology is here in this book. It’s apparent from the first chapter to the last, that Terry is it one heavy-duty wise dude. I am overwhelmingly impressed!

Russell Scott
Counsellor & Seminar Leader



Last Saturday, I spent the morning meditating under Terry's guidance. My experience was illuminating. Terry provided an introduction to meditation - he is pure in his word(s) and teaching(s) and this type of teaching can only come from lived experience and wisdom. I will be returning and will learn more. Thanks again Terry.

Nita Dayal-Nicholson
Clinical Case Manager – Mental Health at Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre



I first met Terry over twenty years ago when I joined Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios. I was 8 years old and still remember Terry's strong presence and energy that he carried with him. I can also remember my little eight year old eyes looking up at Terry who seemed as tall as the CN Tower at the time.

After training for 4 years, I later reunited with Terry at his new company and martial arts school "Beyond Kung Fu Studios" in Mississauga. As a struggling teenager going through the trials of adolescence, Terry's guidance to me at this time helped me get through many obstacles no matter how big or great.  Terry's knowledge and wisdom from his world travels, meditations and martial arts inspire those around him. Although I had a hard time in school Terry helped me succeed in Kung Fu helping me see that successes and breakthoughs in class could aslo be used as metaphors for life.

After completing school and entering my 1st career, I went through a very tough and stressful situation where I lost my confidence. At this time I got in touch with Terry who owned and operated Positive Changes Hypnotherapy and Coaching Centre, where he worked with me through several sessions to retrain my perspectives and confidence. After these sessions, I was more focused and aware of the direction I was heading. I then traveled, met my wife and re-launched my career and now have been running a successful business for over five years. I am also happy to say that I have been training under Terry (3rd times a charm!) at Essential Martial Arts for the past two and a half years.

Terry's guidance and support over the many years I have known him are a true testament to the great person and friend he is. Thank you Terry for all that you do!

Best regards, 

Jamie Wilson


"I just got back from my first trip oversees and it was an amazing experience. Now I'm revved up and can't wait to travel again! One thing I highly recommend is taking your first trip to a far off country with someone who knows what they're doing. If I'd gone alone, I would have been overcharged in a million ways and been unsure of how to get around in a safe and comfortable way, but Terry showed me the ropes. A week in, I felt confident that I could take care of my self for a few days, and went off on my own to visit a tiger reserve 200km away from everyone else on our trip, and the skills I was shown came in quite handy. Plus he showed me a few awesome places that weren't in the guide book. If you're off to India or China (especially for first timers) take a guide like Terry Hodgkinson with you!" – Jeff Tulk 

 About 3 years ago, I realized that I was like 90% of the people in this world. I was spiraling downward into the depths of depression. A horrible sinking feeling!
I knew negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, hatred, anger and revenge where controlling my life. Upon doing internet research and reading books on how our mind works and its causes, I realized that my life was controlled by the negative external influences in my life since childhood; where criticism and guilt had completely destroyed my self esteem.
My research taught me the symptoms, the causes and the effects, but not how to change them. Any remedies where of a chemical nature, which all had negative side effects.
Then approximately 8 months ago, my instincts lead me to see Terry Hodgkinson at his office called Positive Changes. Since starting on the program with Terry and associates, I have grown exponentially on a daily basis. I have become more aware of my environment and learned how to recognize my instincts. I feel that I have discovered the Natural Laws of the Universe and come into greater harmony with them. I am more enthusiastic, loving, faithful, hopeful, positive and focused. My self esteem is growing; I am not questioning my creative abilities anymore I'm now acting on them!
I find that by continually filling my mind with positive thoughts and desires I have found a blue print for success; which has opened the door to my temple of wisdom.
Through Terry's coaching methods and guidance I have found that I'm in a much better place and space of mind now. I really can't thank him enough. Thank you again Terry!

Zenon Tchoryk
Self Optimization Solutions
Toronto, Canada 


In January 08 I weighed 350 lbs; I had no energy, low self esteem and was quite unhappy with my life. I new I needed to do something at 32 years old I was on a slippery slope that was leading to diabetes and many other health problems.

Discouraged because of all of the fad diets I tried with no success, always seeming to gain back more weight than I lost. I was looking for help and direction. I knew Terry for quite some time on a personal level and knew he had a successful practice of helping people with different problem so I cried out for help in desperation. Terry was amazing, he took the time to teach me several important things about diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. After spending time with me I felt empowered and encouraged for the first time in a long time to do something, so I implemented all of his recommendations and amazingly I had more energy and felt better than I have in many years. I started losing weight fast, I was so encouraged by Terry's support and the results I was getting I continued on till the end of the year. I am so glad the Terry took the time to help me get started and to continue to motivate me along the way, i know i never would have been able to do it without him. After twelve months with my new lifestyle I lost 120 pounds, I went from a size 50 pants to size 34 but most of all I feel so energetic, healthy and am really enjoying life for the first time in a long time.

Thanks Terry,

Randy Clusiau
Financial Advisor 


 I first met Terry when I worked at one of the Positive Change Centres over 12 years ago. At that time I was excited in learning about the powerful tools of the mind and I was very fortunate to learn more about this unlimited power through Terry’s courses. When I left Positive Changes, those tools that he had taught had stayed with me throughout the years. Terry is a very genuine teacher whose compassion shows in his willingness to pass the wisdom and knowledge to those who have been seeking it. In searching for a mentor and teacher to further my practice in mastering my mind, I re-connected with Terry on numerous occasions and eventually I become one of his fortunate students in Martial Arts and Meditation. You can find the wisdom he shares in his book - The Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja, and in his many talks he organizes throughout the year. I always look forward to his lessons and when listening to him when he speaks you know such wisdom stems from the heart. I am grateful to have a great mentor and friend. 

Jeffrey Coson, Toronto, Canada


If you haven't experienced a session with Terry Hodgkinson you absolutely owe it to yourself, or set up sessions for a loved one as a gift. I can't begin to express my gratitude ~ rock on Terry!

Jordan Loder
Thomas A. Consolati Performing Arts Center
Technical Director
Great Barrington, Massachusetts


 In the twenty years I have known Terry, he has always proven to be a very sincere and genuine person.  He is extremely open and honest and gentle in his approach, and cares deeply for the well-being of others.  He is not interested in wasting time with the non-essential or insignificant aspects of living, but likes to delve deep into the heart of whatever piques his interest instead.  He approaches life challenges with great bravery internally, but with patience, calm, and compassion externally.  There are few people like him, and he is someone I am honored to know and call friend.

Julian Klich, Engineer, Newfoundland


I must say first that the training and education I have received from Master Hodgkinson has changed every aspect of my life, as a friend, employee, student, son, and most importantly as a father.  In truth I cannot imagine my life before or without it.  I feel I have grown exponentially. There is not a day that goes by where I have not used the skills shared with me. I practice every day, in all aspects of my day as well. I receive the fulfillment of what life brings me, and I owe that guidance to my instructor. Happiness, joy, love, relationships, successes at home and work.  I have recently read in a martial arts periodical that finding a teacher that you respect and admire is of the utmost importance. I hold no person higher.  It’s not just who he is but rather how he guides you to your destination that makes training with Terry so special. It was done with love and in harmony with what I required. He understood the path I needed to walk; all I had to do was listen. He helped out with that part too. The best part is he shows you how to do it as well, in his own life. He improves his life constantly using the same tool’s he shared with me and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him do this for fourteen years now.  I know that fate played a hand in my training under him and in the end I am happy that he calls me a friend.

Jordan Hughes


I have known Terry for 15 years now and have come to understand that Terry's years of training have given him an understanding of the deeper principles of marital arts and of life in general. He also is and expert in conveying these principles to his students through his teaching. The way he uses subtle phrases or specific exercises to give the student exactly what they need makes him a great teacher.

Daniel Cowen




I met Master Instructor Terry Hodgkinson 11 years ago when i started to train kung fu at his school. The lessons I learned have not only been vital to my development in the martial arts but as a person. Terry helped me see my potential and gave me the drive to become a better person. The knowledge he has is amazing! Every time I am around Terry I learn something new that can use in my everyday life. I highly recommend Master Terry, for his guidance as his knowledge is one of a kind and I have nothing but admiration for him.

Brian Naidu, Kung Fu & Muay Thai Instructor 



Master Hodgkinson is a unique individual with rare drive and perception. As someone who enjoys teaching, regular training and acquiring knowledge, Master Hodgkinson is a visionary who stands out from the norm, making him a truly original person.

John Perdikaris
Water Resources Engineer

 Terry was one of my teachers who trained me in martial arts. The skills that he had taught me gave me knowledge and greatly influenced me to set higher goals, standards and to be consistent in all that I do!

His teaching and work ethic helped me in my schooling and workplaces and helped motivate me in my daily life. Thanks Terry!

John O'Brien


 I learned a lot in my time training with Master Hodgkinson. He helped me focus my passion, learn discipline, and taught me to use it to improve my life through my attention to detail.  The time we spent practicing 'paradigm shifts,' or changing your point of view on a problem and hitting from a different angle have come in handy in my martial arts training, and especially in my social life.

Jeffrey Tulk

 My time at Beyond Kung-Fu studios will always be remembered as a time and place where I was able to push myself to my personal limits. Between the kung-fu teaching, training, and managing the business, there was ample opportunity for challenge and growth.  Being somewhat of a perfectionist and passionate about personal growth, I've always been attracted to activities that you can never get to the bottom of.  Where you can never learn it all or get "too good".  Terry Hodgkinson became a mentor to me during that time not only as my kung-fu teacher but also as my boss and my friend.  We shared a lot of personality traits and were both very driven and disciplined in our approach to pursuing our interests.  We shared a passion for the martial-arts but especially for the holistic approach to training and how intrinsic the internal growth is to the physical training.  We had many late night conversations about life as a whole and he played a major role in my introduction to Eastern philosophy.  I quickly became obsessed with learning everything I could about these new concepts and Terry was there to answer my many questions. We may not have always agreed on certain things but I think our differences helped each other to grow as well, and led to a very rewarding experience for both of us.

Casey Curran - Previous Manager at Terry’s school.


I have never met a man with more conviction, dedication and confidence than Terry. There was something about him that was intoxicating and your curiosity guided you to listen to him and trust him. He was at the time an exceptional Martial Artist and could still to this day put you on the floor. Terry is an inspiration to all those that he taught and all those who take the time to listen. Terry I wish you all the best in this life!

Mike J Eikermann


I would like to share a story of life and death which turned out to be more about life than the latter, due directly and undeniably to my association with Terry Hodgkinson.

In early 2000, I was living in Mississauga, Ontario.  I was a martial arts student of Terry’s and into my 2nd year. We trained hard both physically and mentally.  To be honest, my primary interest was heavily in favour of the physical aspects, fighting and fitness.  Through practice and instruction I learned the subtle and vital lessons of mental awareness, i.e. controlling fear, intimidation, confrontation, etc, by the ability to control emotional reaction such as adrenalin paralysis, etc.  I mention these things as they tie into my story of a trip to northern Ontario late October of that year.  I had gone up there with new business partners as a get to know you bonding type of thing.  They were avid hunters and were keen to try duck hunting on my 120 acre cottage.  While I personally had no interest in hunting, I tagged along.  After a very early morning start and 2-3 hours hunched quietly in the bush, freezing, we headed back to the cottage, thankfully with no loss of life for the poor ducks.  After a coffee, I suggested to my new partner Danny that we go out for a short tour of the lake in our canoe. Danny grabbed a fishing rod and happily went out with me.  We were about 100 ft from shore when his line hooked on something and as he shifted to un-snag his line, our canoe rolled.  I remember a sense of disbelief and astonishment as I plunged into the icy water.  This is where my training with Terry kicked in immediately.  I did not panic but instead went into a mental checklist of my unexpected situation. No life jackets, 3 layers of bulky hunting type gear, steel toed construction boots, pockets loaded with various gear (heavy).  I could not see my friend but heard him in the water, he did not speak. I knew I had to get to shore quickly because of the weight I felt dragging me down and the freezing cold water.  Off I went swimming to shore assuming my partner was doing the same.  I had a hard time making it, I was so heavy, my boots felt like 100 lbs each.  I made it to some slippery rocks unable to pull my self out as I was winded and unable to negotiate the high rock face.  As I lay there breathing so heavy and trying to get my boots off ( I could not use my fingers, they had gone numb), I could hear my partner for the first time.  He was screaming that he could not swim and was drowning. His brother was watching helplessly from a distance. This is where all my training with Terry kicked in with astonishing precision. I immediately slipped back into the water, exhausted, heavy boots and all.  To be honest with you I no longer felt the weight or the beating of my heart rather I became very calm and I felt a sense of physical power I can’t fully explain. As I swam out to rescue my friend, my mind warned me of the danger posed by frantic drowning victims.  I shouted out to Danny that I was coming and would be with him momentarily and encouraged him to keep paddling until I was there to help him.  When I was about 10 ft from him, I spoke to him in a very commanding voice that I wanted him simply hold onto my arm and float as I pulled him. I spoke to him somewhat harshly that I would not tolerate anything but that.  To my relief he did just that, as I warily extended my arm, he clutched my jacket and just sort of floated behind me. It took about 10 minutes to get back to shore. I felt nothing, no cold, no exhaustion, no fear.  I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would make it back safely.  We did and that’s when everything caught up to me, after we were safely laying in more shallow water partly in. We waited in silence as he was in a state of shock and I was too tired to talk. We were picked up 15 minutes later by his brother.

I want to thank Terry for saving my friend’s life and my own. I could have never done this without the countless skills Terry taught and the many that were used in this story. Thank you so much Terry I can never really thank you enough. 
– Dennis Konkel
President of The Carlisle group


Master Hodgkinson had a profound impact on both my Martial Arts training and my life. His guidance along with teaching methods stressed the importance of having a balanced life, one that combined both physical and spiritual growth. Master H also emphasized how our direct actions influenced our surroundings, and our environment. Coming from a home that was full of perpetual turmoil, Master H provided a positive role model for me. He was someone that practiced restraint, respect, and peace. My training with Master H taught me not only about Kung Fu, it provided valuable lessons about myself, and insight into my own life. Through Master Hodgkinson I was able to see the value in mastering something and having faith in myself and in the unknown. Learning to question things that we may or may not understand, and seeing things from other points of view, I learned to trust my senses and intuition. Although it has been a few years since I have trained with Master Hodgkinson, I have continued to value the life lessons I learned from him. I also continue to train in Martial Arts and continue to incorporate many of the spiritual practices learned through our meditation sessions. I am indebted to Master Hodgkinson for all he has taught me .  -  Jamie Bradbury


It is a very difficult task to provide a concise description of Master Terry Hodgkinson in any capacity: he is a man of many layers, bearing the wisdom of a man who has delved unabashedly into all that life has to offer one on a journey of self-betterment. Both a simple and complex man at once, Terry personifies a rare and precious balance of body, mind, and spirit. To know him is an honour: to have him as a role model and life mentor is a blessing beyond measure. He is to all of us what we are ready for him to be. Terry is an invaluable guide along this path. I thank you, Master Hodgkinson.

 - Matthew Walker


Dear Sifu Terry Hodgkinson,

My son, Luke Armstrong attended your classes when he turned four years old. I was particularly impressed by not only the physical instructions but the life lessons that were taught.

At first I was concerned that he was too young and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the older students. My concerns were quickly dissolved as you adapted your instructions to suit each student by giving them goals to strive for and building their self-esteem by acknowledging their individual achievements.

I would highly recommend this course!

- Mrs. Krystina Armstrong


Master Hodgkinson I wanted to send along this note of appreciation for the Kung Fu program that you run.

I have always been very impressed , not only by the high level of martial arts that  you and your instructors have obtained, but also at their skills at educating  and motivating  children, and the way they treat each child as an individual . I was also very impressed by the degree of training necessary to become an instructor at your studio, not only in martial arts, but also in the skills of teaching and motivating children.

My son, Jonathon has been enrolled in your program for about eight months now. It is very gratifying to watch his physical skills grow. In fact, when he started with your school, he had difficulty doing a jumping jack, now he has developed expertise in the intricate moves that you teach, and he’s had fun learning!

Jonathon has always been somewhat of a day-dreamer, in that his mind would tend to wander in inappropriate situations. It was interesting to note that within three weeks of attending your classes, his teachers remarked that his attention skills have increased dramatically. I am sure this has helped him in school.

I would highly recommend your program to any parent who wishes to help their child

- Thom Resney


Master Terry Hodgkinson,

This is just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate what you and your school has done for my son. For example, I have noticed a significant change in his attitude. He listens more, he pay’s attention more at home and at school. His teacher has even noticed the improvement.

I also find him more self confident and sure of him self and his actions. I even think I notice him walking taller.

The stories that you read to the children also makes it more enjoyable for the kid’s and I love the activity nights that you have. I have more fun than the kid’s. My wife and I think these nights are great because we know you don’t have to do this!!!

- Keith Davidson
Ryan Peardon’s step dad.



Master Terry Hodgkinson it has been a real pleasure to have Juan as a student at your school.   

We have noticed an enormous improvement in his personal attitude, responsibility, and relationship with others that was not there before. Juan was a very shy boy, and constantly needed of our assistance in expressing himself to others. This change in his attitude and behavior has occurred in less than a year, since he began taking lessons at your school. 

As Juan’s parents, we feel very proud to have chosen your school for our son, and would like to thank and congratulate you for the highly professional way you teach all students at your school.

- Rodrigo and Ileana Delgado


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