Subconscious Signatures

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Here is some food for thought:

Subconscious Signatures

Everybody has them and yet so many people don’t even know. It’s the number one cause of habit and behavioural-itis which have been known to create ill health not to mention drive people to the brink of insanity. Sometimes an antidote is needed and other times it’s not. It all depends on whether or not these Subconscious Signatures are doing you good or harm. If they are doing harm, then it’s best to catch them in the earlier stages before they spread too far and become too deeply entrenched.

So how do you diagnose harmful Subconscious Signatures?

Blood tests?

Urine tests? Imaging tests? (i.e. x-rays, CT, MRI, PET scans)



Genetic testing?

Sorry to say but all of these are ineffective for diagnosing SS (subconscious signatures) The only way you can diagnose SS is by utilizing a high end tool that will allow you to see SS patterns of infection.  And while everybody has access to this high end tool most people live without the realization and utilization of it.

So what am I talking about here, you ask? It’s simple really; the high end tool that I am referring to is awareness; not just any kind of awareness, but a heightened awareness. SS are habits and behaviours that have become etched into the subconscious mind. Yes this happens to everybody. As we travel through life we accumulate information, memories, decisions, values, beliefs and we react to situations in life depending on the information and experience we have had. When we react enough times the same way to the same situations then a part of our mind called the subconscious creates a signature. So anytime in the future should similar circumstances appear, this signature effect will make it easier and more effortless for you to react the same way. Without the necessity of thinking about it, it can just occur instantly.

Conscious & Subconscious

We all know that subconscious signatures (habits and behaviours) are not all bad. Many of them that we have developed over the years help us out in many ways. I.e. cleanliness, organization, punctuality, putting things in the same place where we know to find them next time, riding a bike (you never really forget how) driving a vehicle, playing a sport, putting the cap back on the toothpaste when you are finished using it. I could go on and on. You might ask why the last one is considered a good habit. Well from experience I have found that when I do… I don’t get yelled at and when I don’t… I do. So it saves a me lot of aggravation when I get into the habit of doing it. At least for me!

I have worked with thousands of people over the years through teaching martial arts (I owned a school for 16 years) and working in hypno-coaching through my health centre. One thing I have noticed is that many people take on certain behaviours and are not always fully aware of the difficulty they will have years later when they want to change them.  You see, the subconscious mind is like a giant warehouse. It stores everything you have ever experienced from as far back as being infants, but doesn’t make it readily available to us, consciously. Also the subconscious does not discern between good/bad and right/wrong; it simply stores all information and experiences regardless. What the subconscious does do is try to make things easier for you. One of the ways it does this is by paying attention to how you react in situations or experiences; whatever you do repeatedly it will create as a signature. This signature authorizes your subconscious mind to, anytime you are the same or a similar situation/experience in the future, react in this particular manner; that manner which you have established through repetition. Only now, it’s not really something you have to think about doing, it just becomes automatic, comfortable…your default way of reacting.

Let me share with you an analogy I use with prospective clients when they come in for the initial consultation:

Think about taking a toboggan to the top of a high snowy hill. You hop on the toboggan and slide down, creating a trail in the snow. You climb back up the hill and then slide back down, carving out that snowy trail a little deeper. Imagine now you do it over and over again, perhaps 50 or a hundred times in the one day; Imagine how much more that snowy trail would be defined. Now think about sliding down this same trail day after day for the next week, month, year or years.

High Walls

You would have that trail carved out, dug so deeply that the snow would have formed high walls, almost like sliding through a tunnel on your way down. Even if you wanted to change course, the walls would prevent you from doing so and you would be caught and continue down the same grooved path as you always had.

This is the how things happen in your brain as well. Your brain creates connections through neural  pathways when you do anything over and over again. Once they are established they become like the snowy tunnels making it easy for the toboggan (your habits and behaviours) to follow the same course of action.

I have had many clients come in asking for help to change their habits and behaviours in the following areas:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Weight loss and management
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Relationship issues
  • Communication/public speaking
  • Self esteem/self confidence issues
  • School- studies help
  • Business performance
  • Sports acceleration.

It’s pretty much the same old story too:

“I started smoking when I was only 16 and thought I could quit anytime. 25 years later I can’t seem to quit them.”

“When I was younger I could eat anything and never gain weight. I would eat and eat and because I was really active I burned it off easily. Now I work full time and have family commitments so I don’t get to be as physically active and yet I still eat almost as much as I did back then.”

“One time I was driving on the highway and someone pulled in front of me really quickly. Every time after I tried to get back on the highways, I kept seeing in my mind the worst thing that could have happened. I see it over and over and I can’t seem to get back to driving on the highway.”

“Every time I see her talking to other guys I get so jealous. Since my ex-girlfriend cheated on me, I seem to react in an untrusting way with my girlfriend now. It is really hurting my chance at establishing a good relationship as I get angry and respond to her indifferently for sometime after I see her talking to another guy, even though I know she loves me and has no intention of cheating on me.”

“In college I used to feel nervous when it was my time to speak in front of the class. Someone laughed at me and I thought, I don’t like this at all. I did my best to avoid speaking in front of groups through the rest of school, always imagining the worst. Now many years later my position at work requires that I do some public speaking and I can’t help but to remember the things I’ve imagined over and over again.”

I could go on but this gives you a few ideas of what I have heard over the years. I tell my clients when they come in to see me on that first consultation, “Your brain is working perfectly”. They look at me strangely, as if I have just insulted them. Then I go on to say, “Your subconscious mind is only doing what it does best, making things as easy as possible for you. When you demonstrated a pattern by doing something over and over again, it created a signature which authorized it to make that pattern into a habit or behaviour so you were no longer required to think so much, just react. Your mind is only trying to help you by perfecting what you have taught it to do. Whether you meant to teach it or you didn’t,   you provided the conditioning so it will work on perfecting it for you. You have it locked in between those snowy walls and it’s following the course you laid out very well. There is nothing wrong with the way your mind is working; it’s actually doing what it does best!” (You can actually read the blog of one of our clients where she explains her experience coming in for her consultation with me. Just click here.) Now they look at me as if I have just read them the piece of paper inside the Chinese fortune cookie.  Feeling kind of better but not knowing exactly what they need to do still. So I continue. “Your brain has

Our Incredible Mind

the potential of a 100 billion neuro-bit processor… you can make as many NEW neuropathways as you want. If you want a different way of reacting then don’t try it when you’re halfway down the hill, already trapped by those snowy walls, committed to that course of action. When you are at the top of the hill before you start to slide, point your toboggan in another direction and take a different route. Maybe take a few different routes to give yourself the opportunity to see more things on your ride.”

What I’m telling them is that new subconscious signatures can be created authorizing the subconscious mind to make more appropriate habits and behaviours automatic. It may require a little work in the beginning but if change is really desired then it can be done.

As I’ve said in the beginning of this post, heightened awareness is one of the tools or keys that help you with making changes. There are other tools that I have coached my clients with such as:

  • Understanding
  • Perception
  • Conduct
  • Communication
  • Action
  • Contribution
  • Effort
  • Meditation

Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja

I cover all of these and awareness quite extensively in my book “Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja – Walking the Path of Enlightenment”

So the next time you are experiencing troublesome behaviours or habits and are frustrated with yourself, remember one thing: “Your brain is working perfectly.” However if you want a different result, then you have to create different subconscious signatures, as I call them. Remember what Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

You have a lot more power going on behind the scenes of your mind than you realize; there is no lack of mind power. Can you do it? You bet you can. I’ve seen so many people do it over and over again! However if you have yourself convinced that you can’t and you really believe this, then you will need to create new subconscious signatures around this first!  If you still need help, then find yourself a personal coach to assist you in the process. The first step is having that tool of heightened awareness working for you, so you can diagnose your situation clearly and then take action!

By Terry Hodgkinson

Note: You can read more about Terry’s coaching services on his website. Click here to go there now.

Here is your quote for the week:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


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