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Welcome to 2012 Inner Outer You readers! Here in Toronto we have had exceptionally warm weather to kick off this New Year with very little snow, actually hardly any as I haven’t had to shovel once as of this blog posting!

I thought to start the new year I would post up an excerpt from my book, Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja. This particular piece is called Mind Development and while it’s short it does provide some mental food for thought!

At the end of the excerpt there are instructions on how you can gain a free trial to one of the fastest growing mind development websites on the internet. It’s called Qdreams and there are over 500 strategic meditation/visualization processes that you can listen to for free from some well known personal change facilitators like Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. Patrick Porter. I have 8 nature inspired meditations on the site as well, just waiting for you to listen to. Enjoy!

Mind Development

In our modern age we have made astonishing advancements in many different areas of science. In the medical field, we have discovered the cure for polio, created insulin to handle diabetes, and come up with medicine to prevent malaria. The discovery of DNA and cloning and the ability to perform amazing medical surgeries like a heart transplant are amazing, while the advancements in stem cell research and human bionics hold even more promise. All of these things are instantly communicable via the Internet, as are the advancements we have made in space travel. We have put a man on the moon and landed a robot on the planet Mars, through whose cameras we can see the planet’s surface. And now space tourism is a reality. If you can afford it, you can live in a space station for an extended period of time.

Yet with all these amazing advancements, contemporary scientists still know very little about the human mind’s potential. In this day and age of incredible medical and technological advancement, we may still be using a mere 6% of our brain’s capability.

Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of the 20th century, was once quoted as saying: “The world we have created is a product of our thinking.”

Though we may use a very small part of the potential of our mind, the masters of old knew that it was possible to train the mind to enhance its effectiveness. Imagine what the world might hold if our mind power was vastly increased.

Have You Learned How to Hold Your Horses?

There is an old story about a person riding on top of a carriage with six horses in front running at full tilt. The passenger carriage is turning here and there dangerously because of the intensely chaotic speed of the horses. There seems to be no stopping the carriage from certain doom. Then a lone rider gallops alongside the frantic passenger on top of the out-of-control carriage. He yells something but the passenger doesn’t hear him. He yells again louder and the passenger hears it vaguely, like a whisper.

“Pull up the reins of the horses!”

So the passenger takes hold of the reins and pulls on them firmly and the horses slow right down.

The lone rider then asks, “Which way do you need to go?”

The passenger says, “I’m heading over that way” and points to his right.

“Okay then,” says the lone rider, “gently but firmly pull the reins over to your right hand side.”

So the passenger does this and the horses turn all at once in that direction and the carriage is now moving in the right direction at a swift yet controlled pace.

While it might seem like a story about an imbecile on top of a carriage, the point is that your mind can be like the horses running wildly in every direction. Left to itself, it can run you into total exhaustion, and even beyond into utter inactivity. You are like the person atop the carriage, seemingly trapped in a crazy situation. The reins you need to use to tame those horses and have them move in the direction you choose are like the techniques that you will learn in this book.

Have You Had a Monkey Mind?

Similar to the runaway horses, masters of old opined that the mind was like a monkey in a tree, constantly jumping around all over. Have you experienced endless chattering in your head, as your mind jumps from thought to thought while you daydream, analyze your relationships, or worry over the future? Eventually, you start to feel like your thoughts are spinning in circles and you’re left totally confused. The masters knew that this was chaos at its worst, and unproductive, so they developed ways through which they could tame the wild monkey and bring stillness and clarity to the mind. Once this was achieved, they knew that the mind could be used as the ultimate resource, for whatever they wanted to achieve!

– By Terry Hodgkinson aka wandering ninja


NOW for the special offer I mentioned at the beginning and you are going to love this! Have you heard of QDreams?

It’s the fastest growing personal development website on the internet. I’m happy to be a part of it with some other distinguished strategic mind-messaging providers. To try it out and see how effective it can be for you simply click on the following: www.Strategic Meditations.com and you will be taken to the QDreams website. You will see where it says FREE TRIAL and simply sign up for it. You can peruse the -Mind Library- and see the different meditation/visualizations that are available from various contributors.  My 8 nature inspired guided meditations can be found under the Lifestyles tab. When you click on it you will see the title, Wandering Ninja Series and you are there…start listening! This free trial is a five day pass to listen as much as you want in the five days. There is no obligation to join, it’s simply a way that you can listen to some amazing sessions for five days for free and if you like then you can sign up and continue to listen.

Oh, and just one more thing. Please send me your comments when you are done the five day trial and let me know how it was for you. Thank you.



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Terry J. Hodgkinson is a MindFit consultant. He owns Positive Changes Hypnotherapy and Meditation Centre in Toronto, Canada. As a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and retreat leader he enjoys his work so much that he calls it his passion. In 2009 Terry's book, Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja - Walking the Path of Enlightenment was published. *For information on Terry's international retreats visit: www.TaoJourneys.com *Book Terry for your next event visit: www.TerryHodgkinson.ca *Martial arts training visit: www.ChungFuMartialArts.com
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