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On May 5th I will be leading a Meditation Day Intensive experience. It will be a full day of practicing still and active variety meditations. I hope you will be able to make it out for the day. I will post the flyer for the event at the end of this week’s blog story.

I would like to share with you an experience that happened when I was traveling in India.

Terry Hodgkinson in Rishikesh, India –

I spent three months back packing through India and at the beginning of my journey I found myself in Rishikesh. This was the place made famous by the Beatles when they were there studying with their guru, the Maharishi Yogi. in the 60’s.

After practicing Yoga in a local ashram a few of us would go swimming in the Ganges river as it was well needed by us foreigners to take a  refreshing break in the mid day’s oppressive heat! It was such a pleasure to slip into icy cold water, being in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains where the river pretty much begins and runs downward through India. As I was in swimming one day, the river, as if it had two hands reached up to my face and ripped off my prescription sun glasses and carried them away. I watched them slowly sink deeper as they were being swallowed up by the river and the current carried them away farther down stream.  My first reaction was to go after them in haste but then I remembered what one of the locals said to me before I took my first swim.

“Do not venture out too far or too deep as the river will carry you away with it’s strong under current.”

Well I wasn’t about to test that piece of advise, I could already feel the strength of the current as I swam just a little bit from where I was swimming; so I said goodbye and just let them go.

Terry Hodgkinson Visits The Taj Mahal –

On the same trip in India I was on a train heading from Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located on my way to Varanasi, also known as “the city of death”, as this is where a huge number of Hindu’s cremate their loved ones when they pass away at the base of the Ganges River. Not only was I going there to see this ancient city but I also wanted to venture just a little out of town and visit a place called Deer Park. This is where the Siddhartha Gautama gave his fist talk after achieving Satori and became known as “The Buddha” or the enlightened one.

On the train ride there, when we had arrived I began packing my stuff up and had  looked away for a few seconds and someone took my bag. In this bag I had my video camera, my photo camera(of which I had amazing pictures of the Taj Mahal on both my video and regular camera), my PDA and fold up keyboard and jewelry I had collected from special places along the way that I was going to give as gifts on my return. I had a bunch of other stuff too of less importance.  In the instant that I discovered my bag was taken, I couldn’t have been more angry. I thought to myself what a crazy country this is.  Besides losing my glasses and all my electronic equipment and jewelry I had given away tons of money to so many people that looked so desperate and in need. If I keep going at this rate I will have nothing left! I thought to myself, I just can’t wait to get out of this country! A few seconds later, the lights went off and I got it. India was doing this on purpose. She was stripping me down to the bare essentials so I could see her with only “my eyes” and nothing else. She wouldn’t allow anything I was attached to come between us, ensuring that I would only have the closest, truest direct experience of her beauty and wonders.

I must say the rest of my trip throughout India was quite different. I look back on that time now and even though I lost over $5000 dollars and gave a considerable amount away, I wouldn’t change a thing. I got exactly what India had intended for me to get in that moment and that was what I really needed..…Nothing.

Terry Hodgkinson in the Thar Desert Rajasthan, India –

Quote for the week:

“At any given moment, I open my eyes and exist. And before that, during all eternity, what was there? Nothing.”     Ugo Betti

Flyer for Meditation Day Intensive on May 5th

For more information on this event click on: Meditation Day Intensive


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